Results: Logistic Regressions

Odds Ratio

- Significant factors identified  by Kaplan Meier analyses were included in the logistic models to address the primary endpoint. At 3 years, the strongest predictor of death in terms of the odds ratio (OR) is D-MELD.

- Cases belonging to D-MELD class C have an OR equal to 2.03 in comparison to cases from class B. Cases belonging to D-MELD class A have an OR equal to 0.40.

- Other significant predictive factors for death were HCV status (OR=1.42), and low-volume transplant Center (OR=1.48). Recipient age resulted predictive only in the training set (OR=1.015), as well as re-transplant status (OR=1.82). The HBV status was predictive of a favorable outcome (OR=0.69) but only in the training set.

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