D-MELD stratification

PATIENT  Survival: 10 deciles

- Stratification of the cases according to D-MELD deciles is reported. Although the stratification is continuous and progressive, there is a gap between the curves of decile 1 and decile 2 and between the curves of decile 9 and decile 10; only these differences among deciles are significant. - Three D-MELD classes were identified in the training set and the cutoffs obtained were validated in the validation set. D-MELD decile 1 was re-categorized as class A (D-MELD<338), D-MELD deciles 2-9 as class B (D-MELD 338-1628), and D-MELD decile 10 as class C (D-MELD >1628). A low-risk cutoff (D-MELD=338) and a high-risk cutoff (D-MELD=1628) were identified. - D-MELD class B was utilized as reference for subsequent regression analyses.
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